Yuanda Intelligence International After-sales Service Center adheres to yuanda's corporate philosophy of
“to do things honestly, to treat people sincerely”, “to be sensible” and “the unity of Knowledge and Practice", aiming at making global customers enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by quality service.

The service scope of Yuanda IntellectualInternational after-sales Service Center includes after-sales technical guidance, technical training, technical questions, technical consultation, troubleshooting, quality feedback, installation and maintenance monitoring, international spare parts sales, etc., which can fully meet the all-round needs of customers. Among them, the international spare parts sales focus on rapid response, high quality and low price, original factory as the core to sell elevator spare parts customers to more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

Yuanda Intelligence international after-sales service Center will be full of enthusiasm to look forward to your patronage and inquiries!

International After-sales Service Center:
Mr. Jack Pang
Tel:+86 24 25162786
Fax:+86 24 25162774

International Trading Center& Spare parts Sales:
Ms. Isla Zhao
Tel:+86 24 25162952
Fax:+86 24 25162774