Escalator And Passenger Conveyor Assembly

All assembly personnel must pass regular training and assessment before taking up the post operation; All assembly processes are guided by professional technicians. Advanced technology and equipment is the reliable guarantee of product quality. In strict accordance with the requirements of "Escalator Assembly Manual", the process operation has realized the specialization and standardization of the assembly operation. At the same time, the perfect inspection system and scientific inspection means throughout the whole process of parts production, parts assembly to the whole machine installation ensure the performance and quality of each factory products.

Vertical flip single side station step band welding assembly tooling

Excellent all-round positioning welding group tooling is process equipment of high precision series independently researched, developed and designed and manufactured by our company, mainly for the escalator single step band and step band group to ensure the accuracy of butt welding.

The main features are as follows:
1. Realize the high precision positioning welding of step band guide rail with six degrees of freedom. The flatness of the welding platform ensures the high precision coordination between guide rail and step band side plate, express turnover, fast card loading and efficient welding.

2. The welding group can realize the turning radius of the upper step band of 2.7m and 3.6m, and the turning radius of the lower step band of 2.0m at the same time. The quick switch between the built-in step band and the external step band can achieve the welding accuracy of the four diagonal dimensions of the whole step band.