Maintenance Service
Elevator installation and maintenance services

With the help of Internet of Things, big data and mobile communication technology, Brilliant has built a global elevator monitoring system to monitor the running status of each Brilliant elevator in real time, record the running data and fault code, effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, and greatly improve the efficiency and safety performance of elevator management. And the realization of elevator maintenance, repair operations, emergency rescue, elevator annual inspection, maintenance contract renewal and other business processes are fully electronic.

1. real-time: monitor the operation of the elevator at any time, and provide timely feedback to the elevator with potential safety risks, so that the maintenance personnel can repair the elevator in the first time.
2. Traceability: After the failure and accident of the elevator, the operation state before the failure of the elevator can be read to provide objective and accurate data for the analysis of the elevator failure.
3. information: based on the Internet of Things technology to achieve cross-regional elevator information management; Provide elevator fault information analysis and inquiry; Provide maintenance information management and query.

BLT breaks industry practice, once use the BLT elevator, that is, enjoy lifelong worry-free service. The enterprise is constantly improving the installation and after-sales service network, and has set up 24 installation branches, 8 maintenance departments, 50 maintenance stations, 4 first-class parts warehouses and 39 secondary parts warehouses in China. The spare parts warehouses are equipped with 90% of the parts of the whole series of Brilliant elevators, which can deliver the parts to the site in time.