Bed Elevator
New member of the ambulance family
"Brilliant Bed Elevator"

○ Standard with the releveling function, so that the car leveling of higher accuracy, passengers in and out of the car more safe.

○ Multiple shock absorption and advanced control system greatly increase the comfort of passengers.

○ Adopt permanent magnet synchronous motor frequency conversion drive door machine system, with low speed, high efficiency, constant torque, high control precision, low noise, small vibration, maintenance free and other characteristics.

○ Door motor adopts horizontal permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has the characteristics of compact structure, low speed, large torque, high efficiency, low operating noise, small vibration and long service life.

○ HTD5M arc tooth synchronous belt drive, bandwidth 15mm, with high transmission efficiency, transmission stability, high precision, low noise, simple structure characteristics.

○ Use the upper and lower holding device to prevent the door from leaving its guide device and avoid the danger of falling into the well for human reasons.

○ Door safety protection device, the use of advanced light curtain, open and close the whole cross light scanning, without external controller, has good electromagnetic compatibility and anti light interference.

○ Adopt synchronous door knife with integrated door lock function to prevent the door from falling into the well, and truly realize synchronous opening and closing of hall and car door.

○ More than 8 million times of opening and closing tests and hall door system impact test certification, to ensure the safety, stable and reliable operation of the elevator door system.

More actively participate in medical institutions' rescue and treatment activities
Ultra-low electromagnetic design
To ensure that there is no electromagnetic interference to sophisticated medical equipment or patients
Excellent professional elevator microcomputer control system

○ Control system in the absorption of Advanced German design concept at the same time, continuous innovation, the development of intelligent serial communication elevator special control system;
○ The main control chip uses industrial 32-bit ARM architecture microprocessor, the main frequency is up to 72MHZ, the operation speed is super fast;
○ Mature industrial bus technology, SMT surface mount technology, high reliability, strong seismic ability, low electromagnetic and radio frequency interference;
○ Convenient system management and accurate historical data storage, expert analysis, intelligent maintenance of data.

High speed CAN bus fully serial distributed network

○ Low electromagnetic radiation;
○ Transmission rate up to 50kHz;
○ With a wide input range of differential receiver, strong anti-interference;
○ Automatically protect the bus pins in the transient state;
○ With short circuit protection function;
○ Reserved communication ports for remote debugging.

Dual power circuit conversion function

When the social power supply system is suddenly cut off, the elevator control system will use the automatic backup power automatic conversion device to automatically switch the circuit to the medical institution's own power supply circuit in a very short time to ensure the timely, safe and reliable transportation of critically ill patients.

Send critically ill patients to the operating room floor in the shortest time
Primitive Forest Natural Oxygen Bar...
Rich-B Bed Elevator
Continuous innovation of elevator design concept, let life bloom again

○ First aid channel design, to save life time.
○ Dual power circuit conversion function to ensure the safety and timely transportation of critically ill patients.
○ Safety handrail design, handrail Yang Angle arc radius is far greater than the value specified in national standard, even if the accident bump to the handrail, will not produce deep damage.
○ Super anti-skid floor design, made of special materials through special process processing, even in the case of water on the ground, can also ensure anti-skid.

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